Why Are Long-Distance Taxi Services So Popular?

taxi hà nội nội bài

Long-distance taxi services provide an alternative to private car rental or regional coverage car rentals. This transportation option covers both interstate and international trips and typically operates a fleet of vehicles with four doors or more doors. Long-distance taxi hà nội nội bài services typically operate at capacity on weekends and holidays and are incredibly popular among individuals using it to get from one city to the next.

Long Distance Cab Services Offered

A long-distance cab service typically provides two forms of rental: hourly rental and flat-rate rental. Hourly rentals are ideal for short-term car usage while flat rate rentals may be more suitable for travelers covering over 200 miles at once.

Long-distance cab services offer customers more comfort and convenience than taxis due to the spacious seating in full-sized cars with plenty of legroom. Most services also provide vehicles such as vans, minivans, limousines, SUVs and wheelchair accessible vans with lifts – perfect for special needs customers.

Safety Long-distance taxi services must maintain an unparalleled level of client safety in order to remain profitable. In order to do this, most services only hire certified drivers who possess clean driving records and who display good manners when on the road; additionally they undergo criminal background checks as well as drug testing procedures.

Most leading long-distance taxi service companies provide customers with 24/7 customer service centers where they can call, e-mail, or lodge complaints about services provided. Other services may even offer websites where users can report any problems they experience or request assistance.


Long-distance taxi services tend to be costly due to the special vehicles required and additional fees charged on top of fares, yet typically the rate can range anywhere from $5-10 an hour, depending on distance traveled; rates tend to increase on weekends and holidays as customers realize they require car access beyond regular business hours.

Long-distance taxi services can be costly, with prices reaching hundreds of dollars for journeys exceeding 100 miles. Flat-rate services may be more suitable for individuals with specific destinations in mind.

Long-distance cab services are also offered at major airports as an alternative or complement to taxi or airline service, providing pickup and drop-off at curb areas within an agreed radius.